UK | December 1, 2022

Surge in Smart Home Installations As Brits Seek Energy Efficiency

• Global platform Taskrabbit has seen a surge in smart home related jobs as people try and make their home as energy efficient as possible • 96% of people are planning at least one job to help winter-proof their home and improve energy efficiency

December, 2022: With ongoing concerns around the cost of energy as we head into the middle of winter, over two-fifths (43%) are planning to install a smart home solution (e.g. a smart thermostat) to help improve energy efficiency in their home.

It comes as 96% of those surveyed by Taskrabbit say they’re planning to make at least one change to their home to help reduce their energy bills. Elsewhere, improving insulation with simple tricks such as hanging thicker curtains (50%), weatherproofing windows (40%) as well as updating plumbing (20%) are the most popular solutions people have on their to-do list to try and reduce their energy bills.

These jobs are also making it beyond the to-do list as Taskrabbit has already seen a 129% year on year increase in its skilled ‘Taskers’ being booked for jobs relating to ‘smart home installation’.

These are the top jobs Brits have on their to-do list to help improve energy efficiency in their homes:

  1. Hanging curtains - 50%

  2. Installing smart home solutions - 43%

  3. Weatherproofing windows - 40%

  4. Updating plumbing - 20%

  5. Wall panelling - 24%

  6. Draft-tolerant landscaping - 11%

Commenting on the findings, Begüm Zarmann, Managing Director at Taskrabbit Europe says: “With snow on the ground for many across the UK this week , it’s not too late to prep your home as the temperature continues to drop. There are some small fixes you can make that can really go a long way to helping you in the cold months.

“Bigger upgrades such as tech like smart thermostats, leak detectors and energy efficient bulbs may seem expensive but can save money on your energy bills in the long run. If you need help installing these, there are a host of skilled Taskers across the UK primed for the job.”

Greg Snowden, a handyperson offering their services on the Taskrabbit platform shares their expert tips on the easiest jobs to do in the home to help you improve energy efficiency heading into the next few months of winter:

  1. Check for drafts: it may seem obvious but unless you’ve properly checked, you may not be aware of small drafts which could be impacting the energy efficiency of your home. If you have a draft, it’s going to take more energy to heat up the same space to the same temperature. Check all windows and doors and if you do identify a draft there are a few options. If it’s the windows, you can replace the weatherstripping for a very low cost or alternatively get a draft excluder that sits along the window sill. You can also wrap your windows in insulation film which helps create an airtight seal. For doors, a draft excluder is an easy fix too and will help keep that warmth in.

  2. Change your light bulbs to LEDs: A simple fix to help you become more energy efficient in the home is switching your bulbs to LED ones which use up to 90% less energy than traditional halogen ones. It feels like a tiresome task to change all lightbulbs in the house but the benefits are worth it.

  3. Get a smart meter installed: Getting a smart meter installed is a really great way to keep track of your energy usage and gain a better understanding of what is costing you the most to power. Energy providers install these for free, it’s just a case of booking a slot. That way you can start to build a picture of how much it costs to use each appliance and the most expensive time of the day to use it.

  4. Bleed your radiators: making sure your heating system is working at an optimal level is key to making sure you’re being energy efficient. Bleeding radiators ensures your radiators are working their best and heating your home effectively. If your radiators are gurgling or have cold spots, that can be a sign that they need bleeding. This can be done fairly easily but if you’d prefer to have an expert do it, it’s worth recruiting someone to help you out and ensure it’s done properly.

  5. Turn your washing machine temperature down: it’s a simple one but using your washing machine at 30 degrees compared to hotter temperatures can go some way in helping reduce energy costs over time.

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